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Business Rules
made easy…

RulesLab is an expert system that provides customers with an intuitive environment to author and run rules based on their own business knowledge, allowing them to automate decisions and classifications.

Key Benefits

Empowering your business users

Business Rule Library

VISIBILITY of all business rules in a single, organised repository, which can be easily updated to cater for evolving business realities.

Business Rule re-use

FLEXIBILITY of rule design, allowing for rule components to be reconfigured and reused across multiple areas of the business.

Empowered Users

SIMPLICITY of the authoring tool for converting existing business rules into coded conditions, with no technical background necessary.


RELIABILITY of validation outcomes, with all incoming messages assessed against a standard set of rules, removing any ambiguity or inconsistency.


Allow your business users to manage their own rules

The Author allows users to build rules within “rule applications” incrementally and organise them into a structured hierarchy of packages that makes sense to the business.

Rules can be tested on the fly to ensure correct execution, and then deployed into a live environment.


RulesLab consists of the following components:

  • A user-friendly authoring tool that allows business users to:
    • Author business rules and their individual terms
    • Categorise rules and terms
    • Manage result messages and severities
    • Create and maintain an industry catalogue of rules
    • Create and manage bulk list of values for rules
  • A core rule engine with a management console
  • A payload handler that facilitates data transfer and augmentation
  • A load balancer to manage performance and scalability
  • A comprehensive security layer spanning all components

Consulting Services

What We Offer

In order to get you up and going, our highly qualified team offers the following services

Proof of concepts


Rule authoring

Domain model design

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